Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm back! I have some great photos of my holiday to Croatia (Rovinj) and day trip to Venice and can't wait to start editing them for use on here, however I have about 10 days worth of emails, work, schoolwork and general sorting out to do as is always the case when returning from a long holiday :( this image is made up of photos I took from a mini-break I had in Hayling Island, on the South Coast, a lovely few days of sunshine and Great British scenery which I must say I missed slightly in the hot climate of Eastern Europe.

In other, amazing news I achieved AAAA in my AS levels and am still celebrating! It seems a year of almost solid hard work was well worth it and I'm now aiming for AAA next year, and being able to apply to some really great universities! Nothing beats this kind of feeling (even if I did have to open my results in front of loads of people in Stansted airport terminal!) and right now I am just so happy - bring on the rest of the summer holidays!

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