Friday, 28 October 2011

Paris/ end of the holidays/ ensuring I do some sort of work...

Paris by nikigirl

So, after finally dragging myself off Polyvore this morning I have come to the conclusion that I have done virtually none of what I was supposed to do over the last few days, especially involving school work and filing and revision etc. For this reason I'm updating earlier rather than later so that I have no excuse later before I go to work/ out to think to myself that I should update my blog above ALL ELSE as I normally do :) BUT, I have had a good time during the half term, definitely feel much more positive about school (ask me again in about a

Admittedly I do have a full-blown obsession with the city of Paris, and to make things worse one of my friends went there with their boyfriend last week and had loads of amazing pictures of the Eiffel tower all lit up! So I had to make this to compensate....well not really, but I did.

City of Paris motto - "It is tossed by the waves but does not sink", what a great phrase! I shall try to adopt this position as I plough through schoolwork and the various trials of next week...wish me luck, it's a beautiful new day!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Half term!

I love making word clouds, you know, among other things that I love at the moment including Polyvore and sleeping (yes this is a subtle hint to visit my polyvore page). I think they're a good, visual way to put into words what I'm thinking at the moment.

The image with the main word being "universities" is what's going on in my mind at the moment (PS, I got another university offer this week! Soo happy!) The one where the dominant word is "London" is actually a representation of all of the words on the blog (!), or at least on this page, and finally the word cloud with the black background is simply given the self-explanatory title of "History".

Saturday, 15 October 2011

I really, really tend to forget Polyvore exists for a while, before hurrying back to it! Haven't made anything in ages but now decided to produce 2 sets in 2 days :) it's a such a good stress reliever/ homework avoider for me, I have my page advertised at the bottom of this blog but I just thought I'd post the link for all to see & enjoy.

Friday, 14 October 2011

This week has been a contrast of very good and very bad occurences, and I'm deliberately posting this photo edit of London because Londoners are famous for their stamina, whatever happens they just keep going. They're survivors.

On the plus side I got my first ever university offer this week and am extremely pleased to be reassured so soon that I HAVE a place at university next year, as long as I get the grades, and I quite like this university, so they may even be my insurance choice! I'll keep waiting patiently for the others though...

On the downside I've had quite a few setbacks, disappointments and a lot of bad news today (and it's not over yet :( ) which has really brought me down from yesterday's high and thrown a real spanner in the works. I'm just so stressed, I don't even know where to start.

Looking at this photo reminds me of better times, when I seemed to have so much less on my mind at the end of summer. Remember what I said in the last post? Ironically now my friends finally have time for me I have so much schoolwork the thought of even taking a day and night off for the weekend makes me panic!

But I'll keep going, keep plodding along :) Now I have a university offer it's all about making the grades - what use would it be to quit now, when (whatever things look like at the moment) I'm ahead. All I need is a little strength and I'll do this. Here's to the hope that next week I'll be able to update in a better tone.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

UCAS form officially sent :), and it's now been received by my chosen universities! Now I just have the wait to deal with (and it's already killing me) since universities have until April or possibly even May to make decisions! Potentially another 6 months + of waiting, I guess I better get used to it and concerntrate and something else (preferably schoolwork). Anyway these lovely photo edits were taken in the Wills Memorial building at the university of Bristol - the stained glass window there is just amazing!

 Definitely one of the advantages of looking around potential universities is being able to travel all across the country, taking beautiful photos. The disadvantages include a stressful wait to hear back (it's as bad as results day all over again!) and the fact that if you apply early all of your friends are still spending their weekends looking around universities and have no time to go out...

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Venice, summer 2011. A pretty dazzling (if not boiling) day, and really humid (although it probably always is in the summer with all of the canals!) today in England is a remarkably hot day for October, literally about 25/26 degrees! That's the sort of weather that we expect in July/August (if at all!)

So it reminded me of this, kind of, and I thought in true Venetian style I'd start work early in the morning (now) so that I can enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts!