Friday, 24 February 2012




I really like photos of people not looking at the camera, especially if they're looking into the distance, or taken from an interesting angle...I also have an obsession with putting clocks in the background of everything, and overlaying virtually every image I make with some sort of book/ photo montage?

The words "World", "adventure", and "travel" are also particularly relevant as I've just booked my summer holiday! A nice week somewhere sunny with a load of my closest friends - just what I need after finishing my final exams - and a great way to start what I hope will be a great summer :)

I also like putting mis-match frames around the different images, makes the whole thing look a lot less mainstream ;)

Speaking of summer, I've also paid for my end-of-school prom (!) which is only a few months away, which seems insane considering I can still remember my Year 11 prom so I guess the title of this post may be "Memories" (well, it suits the image!) but really at the moment I'm focused a lot more on the future; which isn't always a bad thing.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Winter Can't Last Forever/ Reality Bites Back

Winter can't last forever......

Winter can't last forever...... by nikigirl

Can no longer deny the reality that a new, longer, harder, term at school is just around the corner as the holidays draw to a close! I'm trying to slowly make myself bored of being at home so that I don't mind having to get back into the whole working-week routine!

Nevertheless I've made the most of my time off school, and in a way I'll be glad to get back to seeing my friends daily, and being in a lively environment that is secondary school, filled with gossip, rumours and life in general. I genuinely miss school during the holidays, everything at school seems to have so much more purpose - right now I'm just listening to rainfall and thinking about work I should be doing....I think I'm actually more productive at school....

Included this image to remind myself of how I feel about the changing seasons/ going back to school - it's nearly Spring! This image has photos and postcards in it to remind me of the good times I had in Winter (New Year, Christmas, getting university offers) and also a camera to remind me to take more photos! I also included a lucky playing card and a compass, because I figured lucky playing card + compass = not losing my way/ staying on track this term!

If you're reading this, I hope you've enjoyed the past winter and are looking forward to the start of Spring, which is official in less than a month (the Vernal Equinox, to be technically correct) although I can't say the same for the weather - especially living in England!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Half term :)

Wintry Style (admittedly you'd probably need a jacket too!)

Wintry Style (admittedly you'd probably need a jacket too!) by nikigirl

Happy days! Now I have a whole week off (although I've got enough schoolwork/ driving lessons etc. to be getting on with...) which is just what I need at the moment to be honest :) but I still feel pretty good, which is great for me because usually at the end of term I'm a mess, cracking up, crying, throwing things, but right now, I feel ok, tired (as in, I worked to the end of my mental endurance last term) but ok.

This is progress, compared to last year, where the end of every term seemed to signal the start of a stress-related meltdown!

So I'm happy that I don't feel as stressed as I used to (if that makes sense!) I'm finally back in control of my life!

& I just got back from seeing my sister perform Cabaret at school - they were all so good!

Anyway, this week's image/ fashion set symbolises satisfaction, neutral colours (white/cream/grey/lavender) and a simple enjoyment of life, which is the perfect style to compliment the bleakness of these freezing winter days...

...and although it may be winter, we'll always remember the sun :D

Sunday, 5 February 2012

and......I'm 18! :D

And......I'M 18! :D

And......I'M 18! :D by nikigirl featuring louis vuitton bags

So yesterday was my 18th and I feel so much more positive about life right now, which is kind of crazy considering everyone expects the day after a birthday to be depressing, but I always enjoy things more in retrospect! Seriously though, I had a great day, we're talking, family, friends, presents, champagne, cocktails, clubs, Nandos, a whole load of snow (resulting in some serious snow ball fights/ half-sober snow angels) and to top it all everyone else seemed to be having a great time too, which means a lot to me - my friends are so generous! <3

Oh yeah, and photo day was awkward, but it wasn't terrible - I guess some things really aren't as bad as they seem. ANYWAY, back to my 18th, I got a lovely new laptop which I'm typing this on now! I think it just became real to me that this is the year my adult life begins, and hopefully in less than 8 months time this very same laptop will be sitting in my university room with my somewhere! Exciting times ahead!

I'm literally sitting here surrounded by birthday cards/ balloons whilst typing in bed (for me, this is new - I've never had a laptop)....feels surreal, but good, especially with all of the snow still outside!

I love this image, I made it weeks ago in preparation for my 18th, I just thought it looked so chic and outgoing, it suited 18 as the age when you really start to live your own life (even though I don't normally like red) so this image, as well as being on my Polyvore, is also my desktop for my new laptop <3 !

Everyone reading this - have a great day!