Friday, 10 February 2012

Half term :)

Wintry Style (admittedly you'd probably need a jacket too!)

Wintry Style (admittedly you'd probably need a jacket too!) by nikigirl

Happy days! Now I have a whole week off (although I've got enough schoolwork/ driving lessons etc. to be getting on with...) which is just what I need at the moment to be honest :) but I still feel pretty good, which is great for me because usually at the end of term I'm a mess, cracking up, crying, throwing things, but right now, I feel ok, tired (as in, I worked to the end of my mental endurance last term) but ok.

This is progress, compared to last year, where the end of every term seemed to signal the start of a stress-related meltdown!

So I'm happy that I don't feel as stressed as I used to (if that makes sense!) I'm finally back in control of my life!

& I just got back from seeing my sister perform Cabaret at school - they were all so good!

Anyway, this week's image/ fashion set symbolises satisfaction, neutral colours (white/cream/grey/lavender) and a simple enjoyment of life, which is the perfect style to compliment the bleakness of these freezing winter days...

...and although it may be winter, we'll always remember the sun :D

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