Friday, 28 October 2011

Paris/ end of the holidays/ ensuring I do some sort of work...

Paris by nikigirl

So, after finally dragging myself off Polyvore this morning I have come to the conclusion that I have done virtually none of what I was supposed to do over the last few days, especially involving school work and filing and revision etc. For this reason I'm updating earlier rather than later so that I have no excuse later before I go to work/ out to think to myself that I should update my blog above ALL ELSE as I normally do :) BUT, I have had a good time during the half term, definitely feel much more positive about school (ask me again in about a

Admittedly I do have a full-blown obsession with the city of Paris, and to make things worse one of my friends went there with their boyfriend last week and had loads of amazing pictures of the Eiffel tower all lit up! So I had to make this to compensate....well not really, but I did.

City of Paris motto - "It is tossed by the waves but does not sink", what a great phrase! I shall try to adopt this position as I plough through schoolwork and the various trials of next week...wish me luck, it's a beautiful new day!

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