Saturday, 8 October 2011

UCAS form officially sent :), and it's now been received by my chosen universities! Now I just have the wait to deal with (and it's already killing me) since universities have until April or possibly even May to make decisions! Potentially another 6 months + of waiting, I guess I better get used to it and concerntrate and something else (preferably schoolwork). Anyway these lovely photo edits were taken in the Wills Memorial building at the university of Bristol - the stained glass window there is just amazing!

 Definitely one of the advantages of looking around potential universities is being able to travel all across the country, taking beautiful photos. The disadvantages include a stressful wait to hear back (it's as bad as results day all over again!) and the fact that if you apply early all of your friends are still spending their weekends looking around universities and have no time to go out...

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