Saturday, 24 March 2012

Dublin/ Ireland trip

top to bottom: Maynooth College (campus accomodation) cloisters, the view from my room at Maynooth,front of the accomodation building, pond/ garden in the middle of one of the buildings at Maynooth, Trinity College Dublin, Kilmainham Gaol

Got back from the Republic of Ireland (Eire) this evening! Had a hectic great few days staying at Maynooth Seminary/ University Campus (Nui Maigh Nuad) with a school History trip, and we went into Dublin (Baile Átha Cliath) to see some of the many sites of historical interest (and also the Guiness Factory :p), including;

Maynooth College, Kilmainham gaol, Croppies Acre (memorial to those that died in the 1798 Uprising) National Museum of History, Military cemetery, the General Post Office (1916 Easter Uprising), Great Famine memorial (An Gorta Mor), Trinity College Dublin, National Musuem of Archaelogy (Ard-Mhusaem na hEireann).

Also managed to fit in shopping trips, eating out and looking around some other generally famous areas in Dublin (Customs House, St. Stephen's green) which is pretty good considering we left school midday Thursday and returned home Saturday evening! I'm exhausted now but it was so worth it, really reminded me why I want to study History at university.

So hyped + happy right now! Give it 12 hours, after I've slept, and I'll remember how much work and catching up I have to do (not to mention unpacking...) but right now I'm still happy to be home.

Gaelic (Gaeilge) I've learnt:

agus --> and
lana --> lane
geata --> gate
geatai --> gates
aerofort --> airport
bear --> bar
biolanne --> restaurant
lathair shui pholbli --> public seating area
tascai --> taxi
mhusaem --> museum
caife --> cafe
siopa --> shop
failtiu --> (information) office

* apologises for the accents I've missed out, I honestly don't know how to get them on my keyboard!

So as you can see from the vocab, I've been living like a tourist these last few days and must now attempt to get back to normality, wish me luck!

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